Art to connect

Through art I can feel connected

- Art enables me to reach out creating contact with others

-Through art I exploring our world and I get connected to the universe

-My art becomes a bridge allowing me to meet my inner child.

 As our inner worlds are closing I want my art to be the foot in the door.

Keeping our sense of awe and wonder is crucial for a thriving human society.

As children we have the natural ability to experience awe but then gradually by neglect it diminish as we become adults. I believe that in order to live a full flourishing life you need to keep the door to you inner emotions open. This is what helps you stay truly grounded and act according to you inner compass which have ripple effect into every area of life.

Curiosity and drive towards the unknown are other recurring themes in my paintings. 

I hope the artistic style can get your imagination going and maybe remind you of the story worlds you could enter as a child.

My process can include both traditional and digital techniques. My traditional go tos are gouache, graphite pencil  and pastell. For digital the favourite is by far the ipad with the lovely balanced apple pencil.  Focus is ton he end product and that I follow a intuitive, honest, exploratory and inspiring process to get there.

Most of the time art is a place for flow and wellbeing but my relationship with art is complicated. One day it is euphoric feelings and gratefulness and other days it feels more like a curse or instinct that is not in my control. 


Kids room



Would you like to see how a specific painting would look in your room?

.. or maybe you want me to propose some paintings for you? Simply send me a picture of the room and which paintings you are interested in and I will make a preview image for you.

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